Facebook WiFi for Your Business

Facebook WiFi Case Study Program

WebWorks of KC is looking for a handful of Kansas City area businesses to participate in a Facebook WiFi case study program.

We will setup Facebook WiFi in your business location with the only cost to you being the price of the Facebook WiFi enabled router or access point.

In exchange for setting up this service, you will allow us access to your Facebook business page insights, so we may build a case study about the effectiveness of Facebook WiFi in growing a business’s Facebook presence.

What is Facebook WiFi?

With Facebook WiFi, customers must check-in at your business on Facebook before using your WiFi network. This means that every customer using your WiFi will announce to all their friends that they are at your business – and nobody checks-in without saying something about your business. Customers who check-in start the conversation about your business immediately! Not to mention, you can now interact directly with these customers on Facebook – ask what they ordered, how they enjoyed their visit, thank them for coming, and on and on!

Hopefully you understand how powerful Facebook WiFi can be for your business.

Is Facebook WiFi right for your business?

Facebook WiFi can work for any business, but it is most valuable for businesses where the customer must wait to receive service, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Salons
  • Auto repair shops
  • Movie theaters
  • Dentists

…just to name a few industries.

Sign up for the Facebook WiFi case study program

If your business is in the Kansas City area and would like to participate in this Facebook WiFi case study program, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon.

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