Managed WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

High end web hosting and regular maintenance, software updates, and advanced security for your business’s wordpress website

Our Managed WordPress Hosting really is Special

The WebWorks of KC managed WordPress hosting and maintenance plan is not like most other managed WordPress hosting – Our plan is uniquely different and better in a few BIG ways.

Personal Attention when Setting up your Managed WordPress Services

There’s not too much we automate and set on auto-pilot. When you sign up for our managed WordPress hosting and maintenance service, we will talk with you directly to find out all the details about your website, so we can keep you going in the right direction.

Which leads right into the next point…

Professional Manual WordPress Updates and Maintenance

All websites on our managed WordPress hosting and maintenance plan are manually updated by a real person who is a WordPress professional. Most managed WordPress hosting services are automatically updated when a new plugin update is released. Automated updates can have serious repercussions for website functionality. When updates are automatically forced to your website, there’s a chance the newly updated plugins can conflict with each other, causing your website to break and become unusable.

Manual professional WordPress plugin and core updates are the only way to ensure that your website fully functions after updates are completed.

Managed WordPress Service is an “Insurance” Policy for your Website

With our managed WordPress maintenance and hosting plan, you never have to worry about extensive costs to repair your website if you make a mistake and crash it, or if your website gets hacked.

With our managed WordPress service, we will repair and/or restore your website at no charge to you. This service is a great piece of mind, knowing that if something bad happens, you won’t be out $100s or $1000s in repair and restoration.

Add any WordPress Plugin you want

Most managed WordPress hosting services limit the types of plugins you can add to your site. Not the WebWorks of KC managed hosting plan – you can add any plugin to your website that you like.

With our managed WordPress hosting plan, we will add a handful of plugins to bolster your website security, perform backups, increase website speed, and to perform other various maintenance tasks, and we may recommend deactivating some of your plugins that double up on processes, but it’s completely up to you which plugins you want to use on your WordPress website.

Testimonials & Reviews

The nice things our clients have to say about us

AOh14Ghu15id9vO7CD BWzK84BmENcpkhR7swsoGt4qebQ=s56 c0x00000000 cc rp mo - Managed WordPress Hosting and MaintenanceBonnie Lemmon
15:02 11 May 21
Travis presented to our networking group how to utilize Google My Business for our own businesses. It was informative and he was real and honest about what works and what doesn’t.
AOh14GiKnvYW Bm7YxxoCq YEYAr7r7y65r1L1LIAP4ANQ=s56 c0x00000000 cc rp mo - Managed WordPress Hosting and MaintenanceLesle Booth (Tess)
15:01 11 May 21
Travis is well versed about the Digital Marketing Industry, easy to communicate with and keeps you informed on the things you actually need to do get your business not only found,, but be functional, effective and efficient. I highly recommend Search Centered for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.
AOh14GjWvd7VQVRSgLL2YTwXf AzEQq5CCZdvGvM4GL =s56 c0x00000000 cc rp mo ba2 - Managed WordPress Hosting and MaintenanceKana Kliethermes
02:48 17 Jul 19
Travis was excellent explaining how Google Business works in the short period of time. I've learned a lot of good tips including how I can set up my home based bookkeeping business without my address being exposed. He knows his stuff!
AATXAJxTk2duyFsej3F KJ7snWz1b0tyrJdm6uKa8d2B=s56 c0x00000000 cc rp mo - Managed WordPress Hosting and MaintenanceMelissa Ellis
15:43 16 Jul 19
Travis is extremely knowledgeable about SEO, but explains it in a non-technical way. I highly recommend him for small businesses wanting to grow!
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Free SSL Certificate Included for your Website

One of the biggest benefits of a managed WordPress hosting service is the enhanced security. At WebWorks of KC, we install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate your your website. An SSL adds another level of security to your website, and gives your customers and website visitors more confidence when visiting your website. Google loves SSLs and you could see a rise in search engine rankings.

We can upgrade your SSL certificate to include an actual insurance policy against data being stolen from your website, if needed. The upgraded SSL certificates require a more in-depth verification of your identity.

Free Website Transfer to WebWorks of KC Managed WordPress Hosting

That’s right, if you sign up for our managed WordPress hosting and maintenance service we will transfer each website signed up for our manged WordPress service from your old web host for free.

Free Email Service Provider Setup – to Ensure your Email is Delivered

If you’ve been in the website game for a while, you have undoubtedly experienced problems with your email not being delivered or ending up in the recipient’s spam folder. This is a very common problem, but one that is easily correct by using an email service provider to send email for your website and for your professional email addresses. We will set you up on the free tier of SparkPost email service provider. The SparkPost free tier gives you 15,000 sent emails each month – this is more than plenty for the beginning user. SparkPost tier upgrades are available if needed.

Sending email through SparkPost will ensure that your email is delivered promptly, securely, and without issue – independently of your website.

The monthly WordPress website maintenance plan includes

  • Update WordPress core software to latest version
  • Update all WordPress plugins to current versions
  • Ensure website is backing up properly, automatically and regularly. Install backup software, if it is not.
  • Backups are stored with triple redundancy: your server, the cloud, our local machine
  • Scan website for malware, suspicious activity and malicious code
  • Enhanced WordPress security
  • Proactive WordPress website hacker monitoring
  • Free WordPress restoration service if website crashes or is hacked
  • Enhanced website caching services to improve speed
  • Replace or repair WordPress plugins if new versions cause conflicts
  • Regularly optimize & clean WordPress database
  • 404 – Page Not Found error monitoring & proper 301 redirection
  • Broken link monitoring and repair
  • Clean up WordPress spam comments
  • Stop internal WordPress pingbacks
  • Remove WordPress trackbacks from comments


All the other Hosting Features

You get it… We also include all the basic stuff that every other hosting company includes.

Need a Domain Name?

WebWorks of KC recommends NameCheap for domain name registrations. NameCheap is affordable and easy to use for any knowledge level.

namecheap logo - Managed WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

Get It!

The Fine Print, In Large Print

Nobody wants to read fine print. It feels like something is being hidden out of the way, like a company is trying to trick you, right? Here’s the fine print, so you can read it.

  • Your maintenance plan is automatically renewed and automatically processed monthly.
  • WordPress maintenance pertains to updating plugins, themes and the WordPress core software. Content updates, style changes, and other services are not included in the Managed WordPress Hosting plan.
  • Maintenance and update service pertains only to WordPress plugins that are already on your site. Adding additional website features is an additional charge.
  • If your website has premium plugins and/or themes, we will renew the software for you when the renewal time period is up, and we will automatically add the charges to your next billing cycle.
  • Additional services are billed at our current hourly rate of $150. Additional services will be added to your upcoming invoice, and processed automatically.
  • You can cancel service by sending us an email.

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