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The goal of our new client consultation is to find out if your project is a good fit for WebWorks of KC and to find out if WebWorks of KC is a good fit for you. This consultation focuses on the requirements and budget you've created for your project. As well, we will discuss the WebWorks of KC process - We won't get too deep into creating a strategy for your project, until we decide to work together.

At WebWorks of KC, we work with clients who are eager to form a long-term relationship with their digital marketing company. Our type of client views their website as much more than just a URL to put on their business card. Our type of client views their business's website as the online hub of their marketing machine. Our type of client understands that a website is not a set it and forget it product - a website is an ever-evolving project that requires continuing attention, improvement and evolution. Our type of client understands that they must personally put in work for their project to be successful.

No matter the type of project - website design, digital marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click marketing, SEO or other - WebWorks of KC believes in creating an ongoing relationship with our clients. WebWorks of KC regularly recommends improvements for our clients' websites, based on current trends and customer expectations. Our type of client is eager to receive our suggestions and actively act on our recommendations.

If you are "our type of client," submit schedule a consultation form, and let's meet!

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