5-Star Google My Business Review Link Creation Service

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Are you here because you read our “Get more Google My Business reviews by giving customers a direct link to the review form” blog post, but you need help creating your Google review URL?

Never fear! We’re happy to help.

The fee is $100 for your business’s first location, and $75 for each additional location. We offer bulk discounts available for franchises and large multi-unit businesses – just shoot us an email to discuss.

What you get with your 5-Star Google Review URL

  • Full length URL to the Google review box
  • Short URL to the Google review box, using goo.gl
  • 50% discount on a new link, if your link stops working and you need to have it recreated

Add-ons to the 5-Star Google Review URL

Personalized Review URL

If you would like us to create a personalized review link for you (like https://www.webworksofkc.com/review) the cost is $50 per location. NOTE – We will also need access to your web server or your website dashboard, depending on your website’s platform

Create a Google My Business Page for your Business

To create a 5-Star Google Review link for your business, you business MUST have a Google My Business page. We will create your business page using your business logo, website URL, business details, categories, and more. Having a Google My Business page for your business is one of the most important things you can do for your business immediately. The fee for this service is $150

*you may purchase this service without purchasing the 5-Star Google Review URL service

Google My Business Page Evaluation & Advice

Not sure if your Google My Business page is filled out correctly? For $100, we will review your Google My Business page and provide specific advice for you to make updates and improvements to your page. If you add us as a manager on your Google My Business page, we will make the updates for you.

*you may purchase this service without purchasing the 5-Star Google Review URL service

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NOTE – Google made an update on 03/25/2018 and this method no longer works to create a review box link pre-filled with 5 stars. This method will still work to create a link that will pop open the review box, but it will not be pre-filled with 5 stars. This still has a lot of value, as you can include leading questions and comments when emailing customers asking for reviews. See “crafting an email” section of the 5-star Review Link articleSign up for our newsletter and we will let you know if/when we find a new 5-star method.

We are working to develop a new method, but have not yet discovered one. You may purchase this service, and we will deliver your link if/when we discover a new method for creating the pre-filled 5-star Google review link. No refunds will be given.

  • How many locations need a 5-star Google review URL created?
  • How many business locations need a personalized review URL? (similar to the one we use - webworksofkc.com/review) NOTE - Requires purchase of 5-Star Google Review URL
  • How many business locations need a new Google My Business page created?
  • How many business locations need a Google My Business page evaluation?
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Reminder – your customers must have a Google account and be logged in to leave a review of your business

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