Small Businesses Without Websites are Falling even Further Behind

Every Small Business Needs a Website

The 21st century has been called the digital age or the information era as informational and technological advancements have changed the lives of each and every person.

The way large businesses operate have been affected by these changes as well. Despite the huge technological changes, the way small businesses operate have remained mostly unchanged. Numerous studies reveal that nearly half of all small businesses do not have a website. The reasons behind not having a professional website for their business can be explained by myths such as:

  • Websites are not useful in my industry
  • My type of customers don’t care about the internet
  • It is costly to have a website built by a professional
  • It takes a lot of time to get a website up and running

These aforementioned myths, and many others like them, dissuade small business owners from purchasing a professional website. Let me assure you there is no reality to these myths. More than 80% of all people, in every industry search the internet for products and services, before they ever make a phone call or visit a business location.

Getting a professional website is not overly-costly, and Web Works of Kansas City can build you an extremely professional website at a price that fits your budget.

So, having dispelled the basic myths associated with acquiring professional website, we should also look at the advantages having a professional website endows on a small business and clarify by way of these advantages how small businesses without a website are losing out big time.

A Professional Website Creates a Greater Market Awareness

Small businesses having a website have access to remote markets which cannot be accessed by many other small businesses, due to the heavy resources commitment required into build large networks.

Simply, a professional website gives small businesses chance to sell globally and obtain customers anywhere in the world… Or even simpler, on the other side of the state.

A Website Increases Your Business’s Visibility

Having a professionally designed and built website can greatly improve your business’s visibility. A quality website provides your customers with an avenue to research your products and services thoroughly before finally making a purchase. Furthermore, a professionally designed website can have a positive impact on the potential customer in terms of the impression they form about your business.

Not having a business website means becoming invisible… At least on the internet – To that 80% of people we talked about earlier.

Websites are a Cost-effective Method of Promotion

Another benefit having a website gives to small business is to promote your products and services at extremely low cost. The quality, responsiveness and service of website send a signal about your business’s commitment to your customers’ needs. While the prices of advertisements on other mediums has sky-rocketed, advertisement through website are still a very cost-effective to promote products and services especially when combined with other online advertisement options such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads and it goes without saying that the ability to access wider market and concomitant advertisement benefits can prove an invaluable advantage for small businesses.

Not having a website means losing an opportunity to advertise cost-effectively to the people who are searching for your products and services.

A Business Webstie Keeps Current Customers Updated

Besides enabling greater market access, having a professional website ensures that your current customers remain updated of upcoming product releases, new services, specials or any other relevant information you decide. Additionally, allowing customers to provide feedback through your website – testimonials, questions, and even complaints – ensures 2-way communications, which can be extremely helpful in building a lasting relationship with customers and quickly improving your business in ways that are very tailored to your target customer.

→ Get a Website for Your Small Business Now!

Having reviewed the myths, advantages and disadvantages associated with having a professional website, it becomes absolutely clear that survival of small businesses in this information age depends on their ability to keep pace with the fast changing scenarios of the business landscape and first step towards that could as well be to get a professionally designed website!


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