The Big List of Digital Marketing Infographics for Small Businesses

Big List of Digital Marketing Infographics Pinterest Board by Travis Pflanz

If there’s one thing I love to see in a long digital marketing blog post, it’s a descriptive infographic that summarizes all the digital marketing goodness that I’ve just read – and I come back to many of these infographics time and time again.

I pin all these valuable digital marketing infographics on a Pinterest board aptly titled – Digital Marketing Infographics ← follow the board.

The Digital Marketing Infographics Pinterest board includes digital marketing infographics ranging from the psychology of color in marketing, to SEO checklists for your blog posts, to engagement rates of Instagram filters.

This Pinterest board is still fairly new, and it’s growing. I keep it up to date by removing any infographics that contain outdated information, and I search daily for new digital marketing infographics to pin.

My Favorite Digital Marketing Infographics

When I pin an infographic to the Digital Marketing Infographics board, the main factor I consider is if I think I will return to the inforgraphic again and again to use and reuse the information it provides.

These are a few of my favorite digital marketing infographics

Buffer’s Social Media Sharing Schedule

I use Buffer’s Social Media Sharing Schedule for all of my blog posts here at WebWorks of KC. Of course, I don’t have it memorized, and I do vary it up a little bit for testing, but this social media schedule infographic is a “go-to” that I revisit on a weekly basis.

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The social media sharing schedule used at

User Age Demographics of the Top Social Media Networks

A small business doesn’t need to use every single social media network. After a small business has researched and discovered the demographics of their target customers, the next step is to find the social media networks where the target customers hangout, then focus on the social media networks where the target customers already spend their time.

Age Distribution at the Top Social Networks infographic breaks down the social media networks used by age group and really helps me get the point across to clients. Find the right social media networks, don’t just use all of them.

177d4fa3a1cf5c5441af9b29d7b93ce8 - The Big List of Digital Marketing Infographics for Small Businesses

Demographic Breakdown for Each Social Network from

Proven Headline Structures that Increase Clickthrough Rates

I use the Headline Structures to Increase Clicktroughs infographic religiously when coming up with headlines for sharing a blog post across my social media networks and when resharing blog posts in the future. I use the headlines structure infographic in combination with CoSchedule’s Blog Post Headline Analyzer to help create click-through worthy social media posts.

2e7383583a4d5c34e0b6bdd412391763 - The Big List of Digital Marketing Infographics for Small Businesses

Writing headlines that use the best structure to increase clickthorough rates, from

How Does Google AdWords Work?

Google AdWords management and pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management is a service we provide at WebWorks of KC – many of our clients or potential clients know they need Google AdWords (or another network, such as Facebooks ads) or believe it is valuable, but they don’t really understand how it works or why it works, or they’ve been burned trying to “go it alone” in the past.

We use the How Does the Google AdWorks Auction Work? infographic to show clients the basics of the PPC ads auction process, and show them areas we can improve their current strategies and campaigns to create more effective AdWords campaigns and save them money.

a22bf33f19813e4b6e62fdaf162b96f6 - The Big List of Digital Marketing Infographics for Small Businesses

How does Google AdWords work? from

SEO Checklist for Blog Posts

Educating clients about creating valuable, engaging, and relevant content for their website is a big part of what we do at WebWorks of KC. The 21 Point SEO Blog Post Checklist infographic is a great resource to share with clients. It follows simple list of items for clients to follow so their blog posts will be successful and useful for their own clients and customers.

This blog post SEO checklist goes a little more in-depth and includes suggestions beyond what I consider blog post “requirements,” nonetheless, it is a fantastic blog post SEO checklist for beginning to intermediate bloggers.

0cafb1b54993d3e338e48b86494db62c - The Big List of Digital Marketing Infographics for Small Businesses

21 Point SEO Blog Post Checklist from

Follow my → Digital Marketing Infographics Pinterest Board

I hope you found my favorite digital marketing infographics useful and decide to follow my digital marketing infographics Pinterest board.

I’m always looking for great infographics to read, pin, and share with clients. If you know of any – or have made some yourself – please let me know in the comments. I am happy to pin every useful digital marketing infographic I come across.


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