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Websites for Restaurants

As you may know, restaurants are #1 searched industry from a mobile device – and 65% of all consumers searching for restaurants make a purchase within 1 hour!

Web Design for Restaurants

Every restaurant needs a solid website to act as the foundation of their digital marketing strategy. Most restaurants fail with their websites, because they’re missing many key factors for success.

Local SEO for Restaurants

It’s important that your restaurant is found by people who live in, work in, or visit your restaurant’s neighborhood – and found for the great food you offer! Most restaurants neglect the basics of search engine optimization.

Marketing Services for Restaurants

Social media marketing, email marketing, YouTube marketing and more – ongoing digital marketing strategies are what helps successful restaurants stay busy all the time, not just Friday and Saturday nights!

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Key components of every successful restaurant website

No longer are restaurant websites simply a place to display the restaurant’s address, phone number, hours of operation, and a screenshot of the menu. To be successful, a restaurant must have an integrated digital marketing strategy, using the website as the digital marketing hub.

Mobile First Website

With the restaurant industry being the #1 searched industry from a mobile device, it is imperative that your restaurant is able to provide potential guests without the need to pinch and zoom on a smartphone screen.

Local SEO for Restaurants

Search engines use algorithms to show searchers the most relevant information to their search. Location, reviews, citations all play a part in getting your restaurant to show up when someone’s hungry! Most restaurants miss even the basics of local search engine optimization.

Restaurant Email Marketing

If you’re a restaurant, email is (should be) your best friend. Collecting guest email addresses and sending coupons, specials and weekly features is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to stay in front of your guests.

Restaurant Reviews

Did you know that people actually trust reviews online from strangers more than they trust a recommendation from a friend of family member? Getting reviews online is a major component for success of a restaurant website.

Social Media Management

For restaurants, social media is a must. Social media helps restaurants show and tell about their food and guest experience. Your restaurant should be on Facebook and Instagram, at very least.

Restaurant Menus

Of course, the restaurant’s menu is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant menu. However, many restaurants simply add a screenshot of their menu or a pdf file – missing SO many opportunities to outshine other restaurants.

Restaurant Details

Your restaurant’s location with a map, hours of operation, and phone number are obviously some of the most important details of every restaurant website.

High-quality Photos

In restaurants, high-quality photography is super-important. Food presentation is a key component of a successful restaurant. Showing off the food before a potential guest ever enters the restaurant is just as important

As you noticed above, owning a successful restaurant website isn’t only about the website itself. For a restaurant’s website to be successful in creating new guests and keep guests coming back, a restaurant must implement many other digital marketing strategies.

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Let’s Talk Restaurant Marketing
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Hi, my name is Travis Pflanz. I am the owner of Web Works of Kansas City. I develop websites and digital marketing strategies for small businesses – and I worked in restaurants for more than a decade! Let’s talk about your restaurant!

The Restaurant’s Website

Again, the days of simply listing your restaurant’s phone number, address, hours of operation and a screenshot of your menu is long gone. Today, your restaurant’s website needs to grab the attention of potential guests and give them a reason to come in for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Most restaurants completely neglect some of the most important aspects of their website. Schedule a consultation and let’s talk about your restaurant’s website.

Local Restaurant SEO

Local SEO ties directly into the restaurant website, and search engine optimization – or lack thereof – is the biggest oversight of the majority of restaurant websites. By focusing on Local SEO for your restaurant, your claim to “Best Cheeseburger in Town” can truly resonate to everyone in your metro area – and beyond!

Email Marketing for Restaurants

If you’re not collecting your guests’ email addresses and offering specials, discounts and announcements on a regular basis, you’re missing out on the most effective and least expensive method of regularly staying in front of guests who already know about you!

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Every restaurant must be active and engage guests of Facebook and Instagram – at very least.

At WebWorks of KC we develop social media marketing strategies to find new guests for your restaurant and keep your restaurant in front of your current guests. Our strategies combine organic social media with paid social media to create the best mix for your restaurant and guests.

Create New Guests with Every Visiting Guest

How awesome would it be if every guest were to Check In on Facebook every time they came in for lunch or dinner?! If you offer free WiFi to your guests – and you should – we can setup a WiFi portal that asks your guests to Check In before using the WiFi.

Just imagine – every guest who uses your WiFi announces to all their friends that they’re eating lunch at your restaurant! Inevitably, their friends are going to ask, “what are you eating?” and “how is it?” Let your guests start the conversation for you – dozens of times each day!

And, by the way, this gives you the opportunity to engage with each guest on Facebook after each visit. Amazing!

Advanced Restaurant
website features

If your restaurant website needs advanced features and functions we can build them for you.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs

If your restaurant offers a guest rewards program – or you would like to – we can develop and integrate a loyalty program tailored to your specific restaurant and guests.

Online Restaurant Ordering & Delivery

If you would like to offer online ordering for your guests to order carry out or delivery through your website, we can implement systems that already built into your point of sale system or create a integrate a third party ordering system into your website.

What else does your Restaurant Website Need?

Does your restaurant need a website feature or digital marketing service that hasn’t been outlined here? Just shoot us an email and let us know what you need.

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