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WebWorks of KC on IMDb

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Web Works of Kansas City now has an IMDb page for the work we did on the zombie short comedy Dough of the Dead.

Thanks to writer/director Brandon Prewitt for asking WebWorks of KC to help on his film project!

At WebWorks of KC, we love independent films. If you are an independent filmmaker or a student filmmaker and need a website for your movie, contact WebWorks of KC and we can work out a really great bargain for your film project.


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1 comments about “WebWorks of KC on IMDb”

  1. Commenter Avatar Brandon Prewitt says:

    Webworks of KC did an awesome job on the website for my film. Having a website gave my film a better web presence than just having a Facebook page. A professionally run website helped legitimize the film and offer content to fans, cast and crew they could not find on any social media site. I highly recommend Webworks of KC to any filmmaker independent or not.

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