Why do I need a SSL for my website

Short Answer

A SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) instills trust with your website visitors.

Long Answer

WebWorks of KC hosting plans come with a complimentary installation of a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

There are many benefits to adding a SSL to your website, including:

  • Authentication – A SSL authenticates that you are who you say you are. The Comodo Positive SSL verifies that you are the owner of the the domain name you secure by sending an email to a verified email address at your domain name.
  • Trust – Seeing that green https in the browser’s address bar automatically builds trust with visitors to your website. Visitors know you care about protecting their information.
  • Encryption – A SSL creates an encrypted connection between the website’s server and the visitor’s browser. The Comodo Positive SSL is secured with 128 bit encryption.
  • Insurance/Warranty – The Comodo Positive SSL comes with a $10,000 warranty against visitor information being stolen while the website is secured.
  • PCI Compliance – If you accept credit cards on your website, your payment gateway will require that you secure your website with a SSL.
  • SSL Seal – Once protected, a seal can be added to the protected website. This seal goes to further reinforce the trust between the website visitor and the website.

WebWorks of KC also benefits from our hosting clients having a SSL on their hosting accounts. When all websites on a server are secured via SSL, the entire hosting environment is more secure and less likely to be compromised. Rather then trying to convince each new client that a SSL is a “good idea,” we simply take care of the process for our web hosting clients.


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